Reaching out

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Jesus calls us each and all to “bloom where we’re planted,” bringing glory to God in our daily lives—in our work and recreation; at home and around our neighbourhoods, city, and world. Reaching Out is for every individual and every ministry; it is for those of us who live in Calgary and for those we support abroad.

          Organic Outreach Approach

Rather than having outreach done only by a separate mission team, we believe that every individual, family, and ministry at River Park Church participates in our vision to “Reach Out, Draw In, and Create Community”. As a result, we intend to train and equip individuals, families, and ministries at River Park Church to find their place and role as one part of the mosaic whole.

          Global Missionary Partners

The Global Missions Team is committed to encouraging missions around the world by supporting those involved in mission and cross-cultural work, educating the church in terms of needs and opportunities, and challenging the church to look outward and be globally minded Christians.

We support a number of people working in Calgary and around the world and encourage a variety of short term mission projects for individuals.

Right now, we are supporting the following Global Missionaries:

[LIST names & locations]

          Partner Ministries (Deacons?)

Deacons actively provide opportunities for our church to express their gratefulness to God with offerings of wealth, time and ability.  Deacons meet monthly to pray, report on activities, assess the needs of our church and community and develop programs of assistance as necessary.  In between meetings we visit those in need and serve where necessary.  

welcome & care

Secondary Title

Welcoming & Care (Enfolding)


Outside of Sunday worship services, we still need community. All of us have times where we feel sad, frustrated, or confused.  We need community in situations of stress, grief, loneliness, illness to name a few; but also in situations of joy and celebration! Life is much better when we share it with others.


River Park Church’s pastors have had training to help in tough times. They can also help you with referrals to professional care.


River Park Church’s pastoral care elders serve to provide spiritual and emotional support to all who need it; while deacons can provide assistance to those who need help with budgeting or benevolence assistance.


River Park Church also has a dedicated prayer team, who spend time each week, observing careful confidentiality, praying for all people and matters shared with them.